Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wenn nichts funktioniert, wie man plant

It's been a crazy week. The weather's been great so I've had a bunch of cute outfits, but I haven't had the time to make pictures by myself! Now that I'm actually in my classes, things should be easier. Cross your fingers for me that I can sign up fast enough for sports, they're always filled up within 3 minutes. o.x

As for student life, this is me during the day
This is me when the boy isn't at home

Life completely lacks spontaneity right now, which bothers, but what can you do? I'd really like to be cooking more, but buying nicer food is expensive... even though that'll pay off with health later in life. Plus I'm tired when I'm at home, I'm not used to cooking in the evening.

I've been thinking a lot about culture lately. Having grown up between two cultures means I'm not completely part of either, and I get an outsider view on both. One of my best friends here grew up in the same situation, but she's now living in a third country which apparently makes it easier. I'm trying to come to terms with now being more on the German side of 'Ami-deutsch', what it means for me, my future life, and what sort of influence that'll later have on my boyfriend. Having a cross-cultural relationship has its hardships! Anything for him though :)

One of the attempts to eat better
....which is supposed to make up for eating like this every time we hang out with friends :)


  1. Ugh, I also hate how food gets more expensive as you make nicer meals, especially the healthy kind. Your food looks yummy!

  2. LOL! Sometimes we have to eat things like sausages and steaks though :D

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  3. so worth it- looks like so much funn and deliciousss :)