Friday, October 21, 2011

A new beginning

The first week of the new semester is done, and it’s been a surprising time. For the first time here, I can say that all of my classes seem interesting. A few might even be relevant for my later career, but that’s a problem all teaching programs have. I’m still fighting through the bureaucracy for some papers I need (they make it very difficult for someone without an Abi to study Lehramt), but I’m resigned to finishing it without being frustrated anymore.

Every stereotype about bureaucracy is Germany is true except that you’d think with this kind of time investment, that the system would work (smoothly). Nope. Germans realize this but don’t know how to change it. At least I’m not alone?

In other news, some fun things Schatz and I did in the weeks before this include:
Visiting a hemp labyrinth (an exhibition about climate change)
Mushroom hunting and IDing in the forest
Discovering a new place to jog along a pretty river
Aaaand… booking tickets to visit AZ! It’s been so long since I’ve been home…

It’s also gotten colder (yes, I think anything under 20C is freezing) so I need to finish knitting my hoodie.


  1. Welcome back :) I was in Germany in the Spring and I fell in love with the country. Best month of my life! I do think it would be an amazing place to live. But maybe that's just because I think it would suit me very well. Maybe a break is just what you need :)

  2. Hey! Saw your comment on my blog...but can't figure out who you are cause I can't see your name or find pictures of you anywhere! haha sooo Ms. Chocolate and Cognac with whom I went to high school with, who are you? :) So cool what you're doing over here, teaching and everything. Hope you get through the red tape soon!