Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn days

It was sunny outside today! It was so nice walking through town in my layers and layers of clothing without freezing every time I stopped moving. I'll be readjusted to the cold soon, but the few weeks after the end of summer are tough. Here are a few updates, it really has been a while since I last posted regularly.

This was my haircut, an asymmetrical bob, back when it looked cool (now it's crazy and fluffy).

My aunt and I made a bouquet out of wildflowers as a present (you almost always bring a present with you when you visit someone). It was surprisingly difficult to find flowers with different colors.

This is Schatz and my 3rd ripening chili, I can't wait for others to catch up! These aren't very spicy so we're keeping an eye open for seeds for next year.

Some girl friends and I thought we'd perfected making Pfannkuchen with apples...

but then Schatz thought to add chocolate pieces and a second layer of batter. It was amazing! Granted, then it's more of a pancake than Pfannkuchen, but it was delicious.

We haven't been eating too many sweets lately since we're trying to eat better, but this was a fun experiment. Next time, it'll be with healthier food!

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